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Dear Prospective Patient,

I welcome you to your wellness journey! It is my mission to provide the best chiropractic care to each and every one of my patients. As a wellness practitioner, I have witnessed many changes in the healthcare environment but my focus remains on your health.

My patients are an extension of my family. That may sound odd to you, but if you were to ask any established patient of mine, I am sure they would tell you the same. On more than one occasion, I have told them that the type of care I will give them is the type of care that I would give my own wife, children and mother. As an example of the commitment to my family's wellness, I have provided a video of me adjusting my newborn, Charlie.

In coming to me as your physician, you have entrusted me with your most important commodity, your health. That is an obligation that I take very seriously, and that is why I approach your primary care needs with the utmost of care and sincerity.

Thank you for your trust and confidence. I look forward to
seeing you soon.


Dr. John L. Ashcraft Jr.

Dr. Connor Donoghue