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Family First


NewPatientfIRST vISIT

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Were making it easier to put your family's health first this month with our $39 chiropractic first visit. Includes a chiropractic evaluation, autonomic and motor nerve scans and digial X-Rays if needed. 

We are excited to see you soon!

Dr John Ashcraft highfives a pediatric patient

Ear infections in children often stem from Blocked Atlantal Nerve Syndrome, a condition linked to birth trauma that weakens immune responses in the inner ear. Wellness Chiropractors specialize in addressing this syndrome through targeted adjustments, offering a distinct approach to treatment.

Kids mimic parents' neurological patterns via shared habits, stress response and diet

Wellness chiropractic adjustments offer a safe and effective solution for high blood pressure by restoring optimal nervous system function, as supported by studies showing significant reductions in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels.

Between the ages of 2-5, children fall over 200 times

Over 80% of childbirths result in neck injuries to the baby

Pediatric Chiropractor and his toddler patient

Chiropractic adjustments reduce interference in the nervous system, enhance communication between the brain and body and result in overall improved efficency, allowing for more energy and healing

Over 60% of children will suffer lower back problems due to their school back pack by the age of 13

Subluxations during critical developmental periods can hinder a child's brain from reaching its full potential, impacting abilities such as learning, language acquisition, and emotional development, which rely on these sensitive "learning windows" in early life.

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